to my loves of ’08.

dear class of 2008,

i may not miss the juilliard school as a whole, but i can’t tell each of you just how much i miss your creativity and everyday inspiration. i realize now just how much each of you contributed to my happiness over the past four years.
for the record, i am no longer creative. in fact, i can’t seem to find where my passion is hiding for anything besides toast. no, i’m not depressed. just confused. and dying to move my body, stretch my fingers even and point my toes. and, cheesy as it sounds… i miss doing it with you.
nay nay.
{the girl who wishes we were going back for another semester next month.}

*sorry for the lack of photo quality…i scanned little prints.

  1. the photo on the bridge is breathtaking. Everyone in your class is so photogenic! And I’m not buying that naomi is not creative crap a minute longer. You are one of the most creative women I have met.

  2. P.S. Still waiting for that video you promised to send of the solo where you go “f-u.” I am. I won’t judge.

  3. insanely gorgeous photographs…such passion popping out from each one!