look at it this way…

it’s become a little tradition for josh to buy me dessert after we go to the temple friday nights.  so tonight, since cafe mozart has closed {rip}, i decided i wanted a magnolia cupcake. and since i was being so good, josh let me leap in front of the camera on our way home with my cupcake.  see below:

yes. i am now officially embarrassed to say i’m a graduate of the juilliard school. and yes, it’s very apparent i’ve taken the last three months off. but i do want to say i’m proud i didn’t pull a hamstring or roll an ankle in my attempt. so in a very sorry way of looking at this, i’d just like to say i’m very proud of myself. 
P.S. does anyone know if cafe mozart will open again? or is it gone forever? 
i will cry. i don’t think i’ll ever get over their viennese hot chocolate souffle. RIP. oh the news…
  1. Oh I love it! You are so funny in these photos, and yes, I’m proud of you for not spraining an ankle by jumping for the first time in 3 months. Haha.

    And can I just say I love you and Josh going to the temple and dessert each Friday. We need to be better.

  2. Sarah

    Yep. Pretty sure this confirms I love you to death.

  3. Meg

    what?! no more cafe mozart–say it isn’t so. so, so many memories.

    oh and when did you become a skilled photographer and how do you manage to look more beautiful in each photo you take?

  4. Where is your dress from? It’s lovely.

    As are you.. and your cute jump! Haha. Too much.

    Are the rumors true you’ll be in Utah next week…????
    If so, you know who to call. I need a lunch date with my celebrity lady ASAP.

    Love you.

  5. Yes. True. I’ll call you.

  6. Call me too!

  7. I cry for NYC cupcakes nightly.

    Remember how you’re coming into town next week?

    Oh yeah…