in my next life, i’ll not only be a synchronized swimmer, but i’ll also be able to play a decent game of tennis…

my dear and beautiful friend miss natalie and i ventured out to the US Open yesterday. we scored court side seats, watched dreamy james blake barely win to donald young, got our 10 seconds of fame on the stadium TV’s and maybe paid a little too much for a cheeseburger {$16. and it was no shake shack… trust me…}

a view from the top.

mr. donald young. he played a good game.

and mr. james blake. such a gentleman on the court. ;)

since it was the opening day, we got to see the opening ceremonies and witness all the US Open champions walk onto the court and do a fancy little parade. all tennis players are shockingly stunning. and i don’t just say that because my little twin sisters are tennis players.

and i love this girl.
  1. Sarah

    You were at the US OPEN last night? I had to watch it from my baby TV, hitting her on the side every so often to get a clear picture. She has a cold.

    Must be nice, being a New Yorker.

  2. I love my Blakey Man! So handsome!

  3. can i ask? how did you score those tickets??? looks like it was a ton of fun!