for those in nyc…

if you’re looking for something to do this weekend or next, hubbard street dance chicago is in town at the joyce soho on tour. this is something worth seeing! i highly recommend it.

*side note: doug varone’s famous the constant shift of pulse (on program b) was created/ choreographed specifically on each person in my class junior year at juilliard by varone. it is beautiful and i am in love with it. 

  1. I wish this was an option!

  2. I wish they toured to HOOKY VILLE.


  3. i need your email address please.

  4. becca

    Love them!

  5. that is what I love about NYC… always something amazing on any given night. Guess I will have to head over to movies 8 in provo for a thrilling dollar movie…. by the way please explain your fall story… I love a good fall story (assuming no one was seriously injured, of course)