1. Sarah

    Oh my gosh! Love this! You two are just adorable.

  2. Beautiful coloring and patterns. And beautiful sweater, of course.

  3. And wait. If I recall correctly, wasn’t it in a fort that the whole proposal went down in when you guys got engaged? If so, this is extra special. I love it…

  4. how did you get the idea???? SO clever

  5. we’ve always been major fort builders.
    and yes ma’am, tis how he popped the question and gave me my ring… inside the coolest fort we’ve ever built. so naturally, i’m a sucker for forts.

  6. my first thought was that you must have been bored. Second thought was that looks like way too much fun to be on a list of things to do when bored. More like, things to do after work every day if i could.

  7. Hi Naomi,

    I decided to leave a comment because I’m super guilty of stalking your blog often these days. I love how you and your husband live your lives, you are so cute and full of such fun and creativity. And I can’t believe you graduated from Juilliard! Talk about everyones secret dream school! I am so jealous!!!

    Hope you don’t mind my coming here…


  8. cahhooooool. love the photos.

  9. malia

    you guys are so cute i can’t even stand it!

  10. malia

    you guys are so cute i can’t even stand it!

  11. Sals

    THIS is sooo cool! Love the photos! I was in New York (Manhatten) a fortnight ago (2 weeks) – but unfortunately didn’t get to see the temple :(