…because going to lunch without her just isn’t the same.

dear sarah, 

yes, we know. you’re in chicago now and dancing professionally. but maybe if we start the begging now, you’ll move back to new york and spend all your time with us again {us, meaning the currently unemployed graduates of juilliard in dance and drama who honestly aren’t even trying to find jobs in our profession just yet…} 
because when we lunch without you, something is obviously missing. 

{p.s. notice we posed at bloomingdales with ray bans? yeah girl. for you.}
we love you girl.
naomi, vic, meg, and carolyn.
  1. Meg

    i love it, i love it, i love it! i had so much fun–we must do it again soon–and you have to tell me how to get that thing so that I can see where my hits are coming from!


  2. Meg

    so my email is easy: [email protected]

    im really glad sarah liked the message and that we could bring a little of NY to her. you’re both right, we should do it again. we’re forging our lives and i like the idea that im doing that with you and vic and carolyn supporting me because i got your backs for sure!

  3. Sarah

    At first I got so excited! How sweet of her, I thought…. and then, oh…right. Do I know any of the other girls in the photo? Why are they saying to come home?

    Hahah, then I realized, wrong Sarah. Oh well. I know you miss me too.

    Really though, sweet idea and how lucky she is to have friends like youu!

  4. This made me cry and i don’t even know Sarah!!

  5. Awww you guys remind me of some “sex in the city” starlets meeting up for lunch!

  6. Ray of Light by Madonna is a surprisingly great song.

    Just sayin.