…and this is why we love ny.

because after a wonderful dinner in the west village, we can walk around the crowded streets of new york and run into people like this {see photo} who play little amateur concerts for free in the park. and while he’s no concert pianist, against the traffic noise and city background, it was beautiful.  

  1. Sarah

    Are you serious? A piano??? Wow, I know of street performers with guitars or strings, but a whole piano?! Amazing.

  2. Rebecca

    Awesome photos. Sounds enchanting. And nice to hear you say something nice about New York. After your last post, it was all abuzz. People saying things like, “The Davis’ are going.” “If they go, we all go.” Awful things like that. But I knew, if we could just get someone with a piano. Or a bleach pen…

    And the stain was grom? That’s an expensive stain.

  3. Maya

    umm…i think i know this guy. he played the piano for my modern class at perry mansfield in colorado. what a small world.

  4. Kiasa

    I was totally there that night with some of my girlfriends! Seriously one of my all-time favorite memories of NYC! That guy (and the crowd) was awesome! How did I miss you?! Do you mind if I save the last photo?

  5. not at all kiasa. and yeah, big crowd. sorry we missed each other.