…because going to lunch without her just isn’t the same.

dear sarah, 

yes, we know. you’re in chicago now and dancing professionally. but maybe if we start the begging now, you’ll move back to new york and spend all your time with us again {us, meaning the currently unemployed graduates of juilliard in dance and drama who honestly aren’t even trying to find jobs in our profession just yet…}  because when we lunch without you, something is obviously missing. ... Read more

bloomies + friends

i love these beautiful ladies.  i love their friendship and support. i love getting goosebumps as we talk about the possibilities of new documentaries, religion, love, life, relationships and the arts. i love feeling inspired and motivated when i leave them. they are truly great women.  

and {side note}… if you have not experienced lunch or the frozen yogurt at 40 carrots inside bloomingdales, well… you must go!... Read more

in my next life, i’ll not only be a synchronized swimmer, but i’ll also be able to play a decent game of tennis…

my dear and beautiful friend miss natalie and i ventured out to the US Open yesterday. we scored court side seats, watched dreamy james blake barely win to donald young, got our 10 seconds of fame on the stadium TV’s and maybe paid a little too much for a cheeseburger {$16. and it was no shake shack… trust me…}

a view from the top.... Read more

look at it this way…

it’s become a little tradition for josh to buy me dessert after we go to the temple friday nights.  so tonight, since cafe mozart has closed {rip}, i decided i wanted a magnolia cupcake. and since i was being so good, josh let me leap in front of the camera on our way home with my cupcake....

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