what i love about you…

dear josh,

i love meeting you for lunch when you are at work. i love that you take time out of your crazy busy day at the bank for me. i love that you run when you see me and hug and kiss me like we’ve been apart several years and you just came back from the war. i love that this goes down at a crowded intersection at 51st and park ave. i love that you never notice the crowds who stop and stare. i love being in your world and not caring either.
you made my day.
(p.s.  i’ve decided we should run away together. what do you think?)
  1. Sarah

    Running away together sounds so ideal. Oh I wish I was you. You and Josh could pull it off. But I ‘d want in on the mysterious details everyday. I’m not kidding.

  2. too thoughtful for words.


  3. Naomi! you are so stinkin’ cute! yes, stinkin. It’s been so long and it’s good to see and hear that you are doing so well! Congrats on graduating! My sister in law will be there in a month.. give her a hug for me. :)

  4. becca

    Seriously, I have butterflies.