1. umm…that is soooo addicting! I just did it for like 15 minutes straight!

  2. I have had this game open on my computer since you posted this. Occasionally, when I feel the stress coming on, I start popping a few bubbles…and it’s helping!

  3. Rebecca

    Awesome. I just started laughing when I figured out what it was. And laughed even harder when I couldn’t stop. All that talk about boredom. I should have known there were answers for me. Just didn’t think it would come from cyber bubble wrap.

  4. Sarah

    What IS this??? Confused.

  5. Ashley

    Why did you have to show this to me?? Now I’m going to be stuck at the computer all afternoon.

  6. ha! Too addicting…no wonder you need saving!

  7. KLBK

    you are too much