we were lucky enough to get amazing seats last minute to mary poppins on saturday night for free. we couldn’t have been happier. being a huge fan of the movie, it’s hard to see a stage production. especially with new versions of the songs and music and replacements to favorite characters {nobody can ever replace julie andrews} but i must say, we were thoroughly entertained and impressed. 

and i love my husband. ugh. 
  1. Sarah

    I love Bert! Was the broadway actor any good in comparison? Oh man, now I’ve got chim chimeny chim in my head!

  2. Becky

    I have always loved Mary Poppins…I love Dick Van Dyke, even though his accent is, well…..How are you!

  3. My first time visiting. I love the photo of you two on the bottom of your sidebar. Actually all the photos I’ve seen so far have an interesting classy style to them. :-)

    Glad you two enjoyed the show

  4. Rebecca

    Isn’t that funny? For all that I loved the show myself, I just kept missing Julie Andrews. But that Bert. Talk about a good Bert.