in defense of mcdonalds…

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yes, i read the book

all of it. 
and went to the book club discussion. 
and traded in my midnight slice of pizza that very same evening for a nectarine.
and reduced my levain cookie intake for a period of time.
and even had organic milk for about a week after that. 
but while i wish i was here to blog about how its changed my life like it did our fabulous and faithful friends {i mean, look what its done for the smylies (show offs! not fair.) and the csa kelly family},
once you fall in love with something like the big mac {or chicken nuggets in my husbands case}, there is no turning back.  and while i do aspire to baking homemade bread and growing my own vegetables someday in the near future, there are some things we’ll never part with. sorry michael pollan.
  1. Sheri

    Hey I was just reading about those levain cookies. Are they really as goos as they look?

  2. Once upon a time Janalyn went to McDonalds because Naomi forced her to and enjoyed her first ever McFlurry. There have been countless Oreo + M&M; Mcflurrys ever since! Thank you!

  3. n i c k

    josh i’m with you on the nuggets. my favorite thing about the nugget? wondering which part(s) of the chicken it came from. Mmmm good

    speriamo di vederti nello utah!

  4. Rebecca

    Yeah, we’re SOOO good Michael Pollan. A week after that post I spent a week on a beach and didn’t eat anything unless it had high fructose corn syrup in it, came in a package, and was processed to the max. Apparently my plan to tell people we were healthy in order to help us BE healthy didn’t work. Also–the shirts. I’m dying, what’s the story?

  5. my favorite thing about this post are those T-shirts!! amazing! love love love.

  6. But hey, don’t big mac’s pass? Only ingredients you can pronounce: two all beef patties, sesame bun, special sauce…etc. The new rule should be that you should only eat whatever you can sing the ingredients to.

    I like the shirts too. I love that when they write it in Arabic, they write macdonald–no “s”. And that’s how they say it too. Cool shirts.