bubby + carolyn.

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okay, first of all, if you haven’t been, you must go! bubby’s pie co. in tribeca is amazing!

secondly, carolyn my love is back in new york! oh, i have missed you. welcome home!

we lunched at bubby’s {they have an old photobooth in the basement which thrilled me… i’d begun missing utah just for the ghetto kmart photobooths}  and played in tribeca until the late evening yesterday. hudson river park is my new hang out place. beautiful! go!
  1. becca

    You two are beautiful. I also love the K Mart booths. So guilty of living there sometimes and spending too much on old photos! Your pie looks sweet!

  2. Sarah

    I went to the website, it looks great! I really need to get out there one of these days and hit up all your favorite spots! Lets plan…

  3. Rebecca

    Bubby’s pie. On our list.

  4. Your ghost walks through the kmart photobooth, every night at 8:45.

    I set my pocket watch to it.