4th of July part IIII: Fireworks

we made our own big show over the susquehanna river around midnight on the 4th. i just wanted to play with sparklers but once we walked into the firework shop i realized this was something josh wasn’t about to take lightly. nope, our show was major. i didn’t get all of it on video but i did get a little… i thought for sure the cops would come… 



happy 4th everyone!!!

  1. becca

    I love the sparklers too! Oh gosh, I didn’t get to play with any this year… Oh well. I live through these photos.

  2. You guys are the cutest!

  3. I’m reading your blog from the very beginning because i love it and you guys are just too adorable. Anyway, I love your outfit in these pictures!

  4. KLBK

    picture #11 … superb

  5. CMO

    did anyone ever tell you you look like mandy moore?!? that's a compliment in my book.

    also, i loooove your blog. i moved to vegas from utah by way of dc (for college) and miss it a lot. sometimes i don't read your blog on purpose for a few days because it's too hard… but most of the time i just soak in my old stomping grounds with joy. the end!