4th of July part II: Lancaster County, Amish Land

we stopped by lancaster saturday for lunch and adventure. lancaster is one of the most beautiful places i have seen. so clean and friendly!

josh enjoyed fresh homemade rootbeer out of someone’s basement and we experienced the best fried chicken and sausage on the planet. i wish i would have been brave enough to take some photos of the darling little barefoot amish children in the road, but i was a little shy that day.

and we found rock candy! i was in heaven. loved the candy shops!
  1. Your jean skirt is adorable! I have been searching for a dress like that.. And your firework photos are the best. We really need to see you soon.

  2. Looks so beautiful and fun! Garage sales, root beer, rock candy, and open fields? Next time you go, you really should bring a caravan of tired city dwellers.

  3. becca

    i totally forgot about rock candy, now I want some! Looks like fun!

  4. Oh wow, great to hear about Lancaster. We're always looking for places to visit on the weekend (especially now that it's summer) and Lancaster never even came to my mind. And we're right in Jersey, so that would be great little trip. Thanks for the tip!