4th of July part I: Hershey Park PA.

we took a little road trip over the weekend to hersheypark in hershey, pa.  we really lucked out with the weather {drizzling a bit on the 4th} and enjoyed the theme park mostly to ourselves with no lines and crowds to a minimum. 
so fun! 

oh my gosh, i love this man. just look at that face.

  1. This looks like fun! You guys are always doing the funnest things. I love the last photo! priceless!!!


  2. becca

    Haha! Perfect photos! I’ve heard of this place, they have a chocolate park too, right?

  3. Rebecca

    I didn’t know you guys left town. Looks like a wonderful weekend. All places on our short list.

  4. Sarah

    Are those DIPPIN DOTS? Oh my gosh, cotton candy, rock candy and then DIPPIN DOTS? I hate you…

    jk. I love you, but I want your dots.

  5. I love Josh’s forehead in the last one! Oh man!

  6. you guys look like you are having too much FUN!! So cute