back to city air, litter everywhere and just a little bit more longing for a move out west.

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it’s true. whenever you spend time away from harlem, be it all summer, a few weeks or a little under 4 days, that first taxi cab ride back from jfk airport always does seem a little sketchy, scary and “do we really live here?” type feel. the streets seem a bit more dirty, there’s more trash on the sidewalks, the smoke and pollution in the air is far less breathable and for some reason, you wonder how you got conned into living here.we spent the weekend in promontory, park city, utah....

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what i love about you…

dear josh,

i love meeting you for lunch when you are at work. i love that you take time out of your crazy busy day at the bank for me. i love that you run when you see me and hug and kiss me like we’ve been apart several years and you just came back from the war.... Read more