1. Sarah

    You are so beautiful and so artistic, Nay Nay. I love you.

  2. Sarah

    Also, how do you play in 94 degree humidity? I could never. But then again, I cannot do a lot of things you do… like make cool blogging posts.


  3. Okay, the stair photo is genius. And I love your outfit. But naomi, where are the cowboy boots?

  4. josh says artistic is a euphemism for crappy.

  5. malia

    Wow! I am glad that someone is enjoying this weather. I kind of can’t stand it! :) And as always…love the pictures.

  6. I laugh at that. NOT a euphemisim for Crappy at all. And your shirt is so cute. You made Shades work really well. I just look like another Mormon girl when I try to sport them.