sigh. i’ll die a happy girl thanks to you.

dear RIP lovely red cowboy boots,

today, while NOT shopping for footwear {i promise i was just passing by on my way to kinkos}, i found your twin! and while i was very ready to just walk by and not try them on to pay my respect to you, i realized…sometimes i’m just not very good with temptation. 

and even though they were 4x what i paid for you back in the day while thrifting in brooklyn, they were too perfect a fit to give up. don’t worry, they won’t fool anyone; they aren’t you. but in the meantime, they sure do bring back a whole lot of good memories and have really made me feel so much better about life.

and a message to my new red boots: i don’t care if you never match what i’m wearing, have gone out of fashion, or are too hot for nyc summers….i’m still wearing you. everywhere. everyday. and until i feel the sidewalk through you {okay, maybe a few weeks after i feel the sidewalk through you} i’m not going anywhere without you.

with love,

  1. Sarah

    Oh no. Naomi got her hands on another pair of red cowboy boots?
    Girl, you are crazy. Here’s to Naomi’s signiture shoe. Cheers, love.

  2. becca

    Okay, first: your hair looks more red. Did you dye it? It’s beautiful. second: this post makes me miss my Naomi. Why are you so cute, so fashionable, so silly? Glad to see you got some boots back. I was beginning to get worried.

  3. no dye. not red. i wish. sticking with the current blah. hair dye is the devil.

  4. Be my girlfriend.
    Haha. Okay, goodnight.

  5. I was wondering when you’d grace us with yet another pair. I knew we hadn’t seen the last of them.