pink tuesdays…

i wish josh could spend every tuesday afternoon with me like he did today.
tuesdays are wayyyy more fun with him around.
{stupid work.}
  1. Sarah

    Your guys are awesome.

  2. I LOVE the photos. You are such a creative doll. And how I miss you.

  3. SG

    Oh you two are adorable! I miss the summers in the city soooo much!

  4. becca

    You and your cute shoes!

  5. Afternoons are much better with hubby’s around. I agree…stupid work! However, I also enjoy money for necessities…darn the vicious circle of life!

  6. nikki

    What fun!! Stupid work is right… why can’t we all just be independently wealthy and spend afternoons with our husbands eating Pink Berry and lounging in the park??

  7. malia

    oh, how cute is that?