1. Rebecca

    Do it agaian! Have a wedding celebration again and invite us! I LOVE these photos

  2. nikki

    Love your wedding photos, love that you have been married for a year, love you both!

  3. isn’t it amazing how fast the time goes by when you spend it with your love? not to be cheesy but, yeah. Congrats on your first wedding anniversary and congrats on turning 22.

  4. Sarah

    You two together is perfection. Happy 1 Year Anniversary!

  5. Sarah

    p.s. I love your sisters converse sneakers in the family photo. Your family is so cool!

  6. Lady! You sure were a beautiful bride! And you two make the most handsome/darling/awesome couple eva!!

  7. Ashley

    Happy Anniversary! June is the best month to get married in, and I’m not just saying that because that’s when we did…it’s just true. I love the photos too.

  8. Congrats! I got married just 9 days after my birthday… mostly because I didn’t want my kids to think I was THAT young when I got married. Love that you two are so happy; and I guess this means you’ve been in our ward for a year too! YAY! Here’s to many more.

  9. Time flies when you’re having fun!!! I can’t believe I’ve almost been married 3 years! Happy Anniversary!

  10. So…I’m going wow these photographs are fantastic…stylish, unique and I have to know who the photog is…um yeah, of course the talented Leo Patrone. I should have known. Great choice by you both in choosing him & HAPPY belated 1 year Anniversary!

  11. just discovered your sweet blog.
    such a delight. Grazie!

  12. ck

    hi naomi, i have a little question. what kind of flowers did you have? i can't tell if they are tulips or white roses! it seems to change with the pictures.

    cutest wedding photos ever, just so you know.

  13. ck,

    i wanted nothing more than to just hold a couple of white tulips, but as the day progressed they wilted with the heat, so i held white roses towards the end (which we had at the dinner on the tables, around for decor, etc) since they were handy and my tulips were a goner.


  14. Hi, Naomi, your photos are beautiful! I have been looking for contact info or an address for this barn for a month! Do you happen to have any information you could give me? Thanks!