holga take 1: union square farmers market

josh got me my very own holga last christmas.
sometimes i am a bad wife and don’t actually show my gratitude for a gift i have been begging for until 6 months later. 
but i must say, now that i’m not entirely intimidated by my plastic camera, it’s officially attached around my neck for good. plan on seeing the good and the bad photos here. 
{also, plan on seeing beautiful diana photos on marci’s blog. she’s already a pro at this. i’m obviously just pretending. click here and here.}
below are the photos from that day many many weeks ago when i took little holga out to the farmers market. she is such a big girl. 

today i am thankful for my color flash. 

and for levain’s dark double chocolate chip cookie i just ate for breakfast. 
today will be a better day.

  1. Sarah

    I cannot believe these photos. You are a very special lady, Naomi. I hope you know that. If I had half your talent, I’d be special too.

    Keep these great photos coming!

  2. Okay, please tell me which Holga you have. I am going to go buy one of these today. I need details, Naomi.

  3. ROCK ON!!! Your shots turned out so cool!

  4. becca

    The are AWESOME.

  5. wow i love these!! I’ve been wanting a holga for some time now and i think u just convinced me.

  6. nikki

    I love the photos and I love Levain’s chocolate chocolate chip cookie… especially for breakfast :)

  7. Brandt

    I want some details on your Holga too. I really like the effects of the camera…. (who knows, maybe Ciera and I can take good pictures too)