1. Sarah

    Happy Birthday GorGEOUS Lady!!!
    And I must know where that dress if from! You look radiant!

  2. Seriously, you are beautiful The dress if fab. Happy birthday, again! You already know how much I love my Nay Nay!

  3. Love the pictures, love the dress and love how sweet your hubby was. I completely understand not being able to remember how old you are since Cody and I always have to ask each other how old we are and think about really hard. Congrats on being one year older. And I second Kiasa’s notion, you are much more mature than I was at that age so you can be however old you want to be!

  4. Happy Birthday! You are finally 22!!!
    woot! woot!

  5. Ashley

    I’m such a fool! I knew it was your birthday and then I promptly forgot to wish you one. Sorry…HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! But at least I didn’t forget how old I am. Actually, I’ve done that too. I guess I don’t have anything on you.

  6. Happy Birthday! You are the cutest, most fabulous 22/23 yr old I know! That husband of yours does a good job of taking care of you that’s for sure! Looks like you had a great night- you’re such a doll ;)

  7. Happy BIRTHDAY! Wow; love that dress/present coordination. Glad you had a good day. Now can we have a big Harlem-style celebration?

  8. I really cannot get over how happy you look in every photo, Naomi. It’s so good.