today, when the guy behind the counter at levain* this morning told me i was beaming, i simply nodded and said, “well, ofcourse! today’s my birthday!” he offered his congratulations and asked how old. i didn’t miss a beat. “23.” 
it wasn’t until i was listening to some voice mails several hours later that it hit me. i was 21 yesterday. which must mean… today, i’m barely 22. 
although it did have a nice ring to it, rebecca, i must admit, it was your message that made me a little skeptical about me really being 23. “are you 23 now? i think you’re 23….happy 23rd birthday…” she said in her message. i don’t know if was the repetition of hearing the number 23 or if i was just finally waking up… but i stopped dead in my tracks and had to think really hard if i was turning 22 or 23. so embarrassing. 
but you know, i appreciate how everyone seems to think i’m mature enough to be one year older. i don’t know why my clock is so off. and i don’t know why i want to skip over 22 so badly. maybe my parents forgot a birthday in there somewhere and i really am a year older. a lot of things would make much more sense if that were the case. 
*and yes, i know, it’s been my 3rd visit in a week, but it’s also my birthday month. i am obsessed.
    I wish I was still 22. Don’t skip over it. Before you know it, you’re 24. So old. (not really, hehe, but right now I feel like it…)
    You sure have accomplished a lot for being 22!

  2. Kiasa

    Happy Birthday!!! You are way more mature than I was at 22, that’s fur sure. I hope your day was completely and utterly awesome!

  3. Happy Birthday. You are a very mature 22. Hope you have a wonderful day.

  4. HAPPY BDay Pretty! You are so mature and HOT!

  5. Rebecca

    Oh yeah, for sure mature enough. What I meant to say in the message was “happy 25th birthday.” Can’t believe it came out 23…

    And Beautiful dress.

  6. Happy Birthday!!! Love the photos.

  7. n i c k

    happy [late] birthday wishes from the Cunningtons! Auguroni!!