to market, to market…

spent the day taking my first real holga’s around the city with marci (she owns a diana, which is basically the holga’s twin sister.) have no idea how they will turn out, but i’m very excited to develop the film this weekend (especially after going to almost every photo shop downtown searching for 120mm film.).

stopped by the union square farmers market on the way home… took a few photos of the market with the regular digital camera just in case the holga fails me …the apples looked too delicious and the flowers too beautiful to not play it safe.

p.s. i also tried my first falafel today. it was a big deal. and so good.

  1. I cannot wait to see your Holgas. Please put them up. Holga pictures in ny will be amazing. I love the farmers market pictures too… it makes me wish I lived in a fabulous place such as ny.

  2. I’ll wander around NYC looking for film with you any day my dear. Can’t wait to play again. xoxo (cross our fingers that the film turns out!!)

  3. malia

    I love farmer’s markets! That is so fun. And I don’t know anything about Holgas. I’m going to have to google that or something. :) But yes, post the pictures. :)