so today i sort of got my BFA from the juilliard school…

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i really can’t believe it’s finally happened. to get into this school was a major goal of mine i didn’t think would happen. to have had the kind of opportunities this school has provided for me i had never dreamed of. to have worked with such inspiring faculty, students, friends and guests of the school has fulfilled me for a lifetime and has pushed me to expect more from myself artistically which i hope i can continue to explore.... Read more

the dead poet.

oh yeah.and happy birthday lucie baker! i love you. {yes, that is my empty diet coke glass center. but cheers to a fabulous senior showcase.}

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cry baby.

i’ve been crying a lot lately. it’s obvious in these photos, but i love them anyway.and thanks to cameron kelly for taking some great photos after the show monday.i was too preoccupied with crying/ shock/ more crying to even remember to pull out my camera. i feel especially blessed to have my beautiful family in town....

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and today feels weird.

…the rain isn’t helping. {photo: the graduating class of 2008 pictured with the new senior class, of 2009. crazy.}

*thank you to everyone who came and saw our very last show last night. it meant so much. nothing feels better then a full audience giving you and your classmates a standing ovation. nothing.

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