Let it be known, it did feel a little staged prancing into our last class of ’08 party last night where the majority was stoned and tipsy carrying a tray of pies in pig tails. But I did it. 

Ever since I got engaged rumor had it at school “she’s totally going to leave school and become a little housewife for Joshy.” Well, mind you…I DID NOT leave school, I finished school. And, I’ve never called Josh “Joshy.” But fulfilling the expectation of “homemaker” which so many have anticipated and expected was all too fun and entertaining last night.  It wasn’t that I met any serious expectations (pie filling came from a can, folks) but it definitely got me thinking about the possibilities the next few months might have to offer. And I’m excited about it. 
Just wait, I’ll knock you dead before August with my new found domestic abilities. After all, I’ve just organized my cupboards and I’m starching Josh’s shirts. Oh yeah.
  1. How fun fun fun it is to play house. Amazing how it’s also real life, right? We’re pretty lucky people… (And those pies look beautiful!)

  2. Come August, you’ll knock us dead with a few other surprises too. I’m patiently awaiting THAT news. And you know what I mean.
    Pretty pies.

  3. THAT is not funny, Janalyn. And you know what I mean.

  4. Beautiful pies! I confess: I have never baked (I almost said “built”) a pie.