1. Rebecca

    Yep–you’re still cool. Not boring at all.

  2. Josh – if you need help finding Naomi, the search team can be assembled in a flash. It hasn’t even been a year and you’ve misplaced her?

  3. You lost Naomi at 3am>>>>> is everything okay????

  4. Okay, really freaking out here now. Someone please call me and let me know this is nothing.

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  6. oh wow… so this is what happens when i go out with some friends and josh is home alone. he blogs! and scares the world with small, inaccurate pieces of information. (i promise i am a good wife, he knew where i was and who i was with the whole time.)

    sorry for the scare. we are fine and happy. even though we don’t have a dramatic story to go along with josh’s 3am post of my whereabouts, we’re still cool, like Rebecca says.

  7. nikki

    You guys are cool… and you were both in my dream last night… Cameron was missing and I was freaking out. Weird.

  8. Sarah

    For a minute there my heart stopped. But I knew you were playing. ;)