love them.

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Dear Family,
I love you. Thanks for playing with me in the city this week.

some fun things we did: thrifting in brooklyn, dinosaur bbq, pinkberry, levain, magnolia’s, bar pitti, beard papas, the new indiana jones movie (loved it!), brooklyn bridge, yankees game (them, not me…), central park, united nations tour, alice’s tea cup, south street seaport…among other things. no boring minutes spared.


  1. becca

    Pretty family. All so stylish.
    You always have the best photos, Naomi.

  2. there is nothing better then family coming to visit. You graduated from Juilliard! That is so exciting and incredible and sad for you all at the same time. Your sisters look so much like you.

  3. Sarah

    I must admit, sometimes after looking at all your cute posts, adorable clothing and HOT long hair I get slightly depressed. You always look so good! And you always are doing the funnest things with your life!

  4. ahh this was a fun trip. we’re really going to miss you

  5. ahh this was a fun trip. we’re really going to miss you

  6. How beautiful is your cute BIG family?! If I had siblings I’d want them to be yours.

  7. Rebecca

    There is something so family about your family. That sounds lame, and I really did sit here for awhile trying to think of a better way to say it–but that’s what I have. Your family obviously loves and enjoys being part of your family. Ugh, this still sounds lame. I’m just trying to say that I like watching your family because you have obviously gotten something right. Still not there.

  8. Carolyn

    Gosh, could your family be any more gorgeous?! All of them!
    Your freckles are to die for.