it’s the people i’ll miss the most…

…the friendships which are rock solid. crossing my fingers nothing changes after friday…

never thought my last week at juilliard would be as tough as it has turned out to be. never thought i’d be so attached to the school, the faculty, the friends. but then again, i’m always wrong… i should have known this was coming.
  1. Sarah

    Why do you look so great in every single photo ever??!! Tell me your secrets.

  2. Rebecca

    So many stylish/beautiful people in one place. Of course it’s hard to move on-

  3. Your hair has gotten SO long! It’s beautiful! I miss you.

  4. P.S. Where is that purple shirt from you are wearing in the last photo? I love that color.

  5. Naomi…you are so glamorous. So photogenic. I was really proud when the guy at the Farmer’s Market asked if we were sisters (even if he was creepy…what was it with creepy guys today?).

  6. it’s from urban and it’s actually a dress. you just cant tell.

  7. malia

    You are so incredibly photogenic! I am completely jealous.

    Congrats on being done. Sorry that it is hard to leave. But isn’t that great? You made wonderful memories and friends. :)