here goes the last time.

it’s my last time to ever perform on the big juilliard stage tonight.
i’ve never battled with stage fright, panic attacks over my dancing, or been a shy/ nervous performer. in fact, i feel most at ease and best when i’m on a stage.
but i have been pacing the apartment since 7am, experienced uncontrollable butterflies }i{ since yesterday, still freaking myself out about malfunctions with my costume/ lighting cues/ what-if-my music-skips-horror-thoughts and believe it or not, the crying/ giggle attacks have begun.
but i cannot wait. i cannot wait to just get out there, feel the hot stage lights on my face and sob my eyes out as i bow (you better count on it).
this is what i live for.

  1. Sarah

    I am so excited for you! You will be beautiful and I wish I could see it. Good luck, pretty lady.

  2. Sarah

    P.S. What is your address? I have something for you… I have been meaning to send it.

  3. You go get em! You hot stuff!

  4. Sheri

    Good luck! I am sure you will knock em dead! Have fun with your family

  5. nikki


    You were amazing and fabulous. In some ways I can almost feel the struggle of this ending too, and I didn’t even go to school with you or know those people, but I have been there. You are amazing.

  6. Ashley

    Wow Naomi, it’s was incredible. I remember how hard it was when we did our last performance at NYU…these people are your family. But you guys really went out with a bang. Congrats and I LOVED your dance.