…of eating an ice cream sandwich at 7am as i watched and waited for the water to boil for my oatmeal.

…of feeling overly confident every few weeks to attempt to trim {aka butcher} my bangs.

…of getting so upset after i butcher them that i say outloud that that was indeed the last time, until i find the scissors again next week….…of eating at the times square mcdonalds this past weekend and LOVING my bigmac. so clean inside, such great service, BEST burger ever {no joke}…why can’t all mcdonalds be like the one in timesquare?

…of calling josh last night on his way home from work and asking him to pick me up a bigmac and orange soda.

…of pretending not to hear josh when he laughed at me after i made my request.

…of thinking baby mama was so flat. not funny. sort of disappointed.

…of sleeping in and missing class {accidentally.}

…of dancing to stevie nicks for my senior showcase solo. and LOVING it.

…of watching chasing liberty twice last week. i know, i know.

…of having 4 splits in the bottom of one foot because i hate dancing in socks and taping my feet. i’d run around barefoot forever if they’d let me.

…of dissing pop music but having this on repeat on my ipod all week.

…of getting so excited to turn 23 this summer until josh politely reminded me i’m still 21.

but i love it.

  1. that list was awesome and I’m also guilty of being a big mac lover, so I feel your shame. good luck with the end of school!

  2. Naomi, I love you. You make me laugh. And you’re dancing to Stevie Nicks? How fun! What song? Burn a DVD of this please and send it to me asap.

    And,we weren’t too crazy about Baby Mama over here either. Tina Fey, you coulda done more.

  3. hahaa… I totally told Oliver recently I was finally starting to feel my age as I’d be 24 next b’day. He politely reminded me as well that I’ll only turn 23. Argh – the pain of the young.

  4. we got a blog….

  5. bekandrach

    we got a blog….

  6. bekandrach

    we got a blog….

  7. Perhpas I should be a touch embarrassed that the two things I felt I most identified with you on were McDonalds and Mandy Moore.

  8. cute post =) You REALLY got me in the mood for a bigmac- heading there tonight! No joke! yum! congrats on almost being done with school!! yeay

  9. Sarah

    yum. big macs.
    and i second the baby mama sentence. sucked.