graduation: avery fisher hall @ lincoln center with my lovers.

i love these people so much. congrats to the class of 2008.

woot. woot.
{sorry, most of these photos are of just carolyn, me and sarah….. didn’t realize just how many photos the three of us are always taking together until half of the 141 photos i downloaded off my camera today were of the three of us. goodness.}

  1. Your friends are soo beautiful too. That must be one of the qualifications to get in:: “must be knock dead gorgeous as well as off the charts talented.”
    yep, I think so.

  2. becca

    Congrats again! You are hot stuff!

  3. Sarah

    It’s true. You are your friends are pretty.

  4. Congratulations Naomi. Quite an achievement. I loved looking at all your pictures. Your family was wonderful. It was so nice to meet your mom and dad and gorgeous sisters. I would love to get some pointers from your mom about how to raise such cool, independent daughters.