and today feels weird.

…the rain isn’t helping.
{photo: the graduating class of 2008 pictured with the new senior class, of 2009. crazy.}

*thank you to everyone who came and saw our very last show last night. it meant so much. nothing feels better then a full audience giving you and your classmates a standing ovation. nothing.

  1. It will come. and it will get easier. =( sadness aside- you were FANTASTIC last night!! scott and I loved every minute. what a talent you are! it was great to see you up there doin your thing and really- you can’t go wrong with anything stevie nicks ;) beautiful. thanks again.

  2. It was SO lovely, hilarious, inspirational, and rad.

  3. so wish i could have seen it.
    stupid, broadway.

    i know that feeling all too well…..

    helps to center again. take an ailey class or come to yoga with me.

    hard to find an identity when your routine and peeps forced a collegiate structure. empty days seem empty but will fill up with goodness soon.

    call me.

  4. What a HUGE accomplishment.
    We are very proud.