and the bittersweet farewells begin.

this is collin. one of my dearest friends from the past four years at juilliard. 
beloved roommate at 350 west, dance partner in a few too many pieces, biggest movie buff, took the best care of me during all the messy stuff and filled the role of “big brother” i never had while in school. 
today was his last day at juilliard…he’s moving to chicago tomorrow to go be a big star for hubbard street. (yeah, that’s what happens when you’re that good, they want you before you graduate.)
i’m going to miss his face. i wish chicago wasn’t so far away.
and collin dear, i know i said i don’t do the whole godfather thing, but i promise when that day does come, you’ll definitely fill the role of coveted uncle collin. best of luck in fabulous chicago.
  1. I saw Hubbard sTREET perform last year. Nearly knocked my socks off. So good. I know this week must be a tough one…Remember to stay intouch with everyone. That’s what is most important. These friendships you’ve made are a huge deal… just hold onto them. Paths will always cross. I love you…

  2. Suddenly I miss Collin too. What a great friendship; definitely worth a godfather. xoxo

  3. becca

    You have built such close friendships there. Aren’t you glad you didn’t go to BYU? Yeah, I wish I had friends like Collin.

  4. I love Collin. He’s a hottie.

  5. malia

    oh! so sweet!