RIP polaroid film.

i don’t know why they decided to stop making you. i wanted you to be around for my children, and to help keep the davis family polaroid picture wall growing. i’m missing you already. and i only have a few more packages of you in my fridge. oh well. xoxo. hello digital. ... Read more


Let it be known, it did feel a little staged prancing into our last class of ’08 party last night where the majority was stoned and tipsy carrying a tray of pies in pig tails. But I did it. 

Ever since I got engaged rumor had it at school “she’s totally going to leave school and become a little housewife for Joshy.” Well, mind you…I DID NOT leave school, I finished school.... Read more


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i miss hannah and the boo boo’s already. {and am thankful for sisters who dont mind taking silly foot photos with me.} ... Read more

love them.

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Dear Family,I love you. Thanks for playing with me in the city this week.xoXONaomi.

some fun things we did: thrifting in brooklyn, dinosaur bbq, pinkberry, levain, magnolia’s, bar pitti, beard papas, the new indiana jones movie (loved it!), brooklyn bridge, yankees game (them, not me…), central park, united nations tour, alice’s tea cup, south street seaport…among other things.... Read more