springtime in the city

so glad our friend “warm weather” finally decided to make an appearance this weekend.
it’s about time. we love you, spring. and sunday walks in the park after church aren’t that bad either.

p.s. we like jumping too.
  1. We were living up the warm weather this weekend too- can’t wait till its everyday! Cute pics- jumping always makes things better ;)

  2. Sping has never felt so lovely. Although you were smart to wear tights yesterday – I always put the winter clothes away too early.

  3. becca

    Naomi! That is such a beautiful skirt! What fun pictures from the streets of NY.

  4. That is such a cute picture!

  5. Rebecca

    Please come do a photo shoot of our family. We’ll pay you. LOVE them

  6. We are jumping for joy spring has decided to return as well.

  7. Sarah

    I want to come visit you so bad! You and Josh are so adorable!