something to be said…

thankful netflix hasn’t said anything yet about us still not returning the valet, which we received february 11th and have yet to watch.

thankful for a husband who lets me play with our food (and quietly waits until i’m finished to eat his now luke warm french toast.)

thankful both our moms are coming to new york next week for a visit. (hopefully we can con them into cooking for us! specifically cashew chicken, chili, hay stacks and chip beef on toast.)

thankful for my new dish soap which also serves as an air freshener. what will they think of next?

thankful most taxi’s finally have credit card machines and tv’s built in. although now it’s become a bad habit.

thankful for josh. he did all our taxes last weekend as i tried my hardest to distract him so i could have someone to play with.

thankful for juno. finally out on dvd.

thankful for my sweet little twin sisters text messages throughout the day. so fun.

thankful my voice isn’t as raspy today from my awful cough. i was beginning to look suspicious of hiding a smoking habit.

thankful for juilliard. there, i said it.

  1. I’m thankful for Naomi. And her rockstar blog. You are so clever and I love it!

  2. becca

    The Valet is such a good movie! You must watch! And, maybe I’m just stalking you too much, but it appears as though you guys are eating french toast a little too often at your house (previous few posts). What about the pancakes?

  3. Join my club, sister. I got a mean coughing voice also. Your tower of french toast is rad.

  4. I love hay stacks! I haven’t thought about them in years. I will definitely have to make them this weekend. Thanks for the reminder!

  5. Sarah

    Mmmm, your posts about food are always so good!