on my way…

this is the part of the story where i take back everything i ever said about wishing graduation would hurry up get here already. now, with the big day less than 50 days away, i will admit i’m freaking out just a little. i’m finding myself scrambling like crazy to catch up on any moments i might have missed at juilliard. trying my hardest to see friends and classmates as much as possible before a lot of them move away from new york…randomly sitting in the hallway at school during breaks just to be there…even signing out extra studio space so i can secretly dance by myself. i’m also doing all those things on my “to do” list that have taken 4 years at juilliard to finally do… like improv to beirut by myself in the studio, or start burning dvd’s of everything i’ve performed since freshman year. i think it’s safe to say that my big countdown has turned somewhat bittersweet. for the record, i’ve stopped counting out loud to everyone … maybe the next 50 days won’t go by as fast if i’m not counting out loud.

  1. What a great accomplishment! Change is always scary but at least you have a great husband and family to stand by you and support your new life outside of school. Live in the moments right now, real life will come soon enough.

  2. becca

    I wanna see you dance. I wish I could have made it out it there sometime during your 4 year ride. I think I may have missed my window?

  3. Sarah

    FYI- you have the biggest fan club out here in Utah. Bigger than David Archualeta from American Idol. You are a little star and we are so proud!