fashion frustration.

finally found the boots i’ve been searching for since sophomore winter. and…. just my luck, they are outrageously priced this high {$1079.00}. who pays that for a pair of old worn boots? parting with my old love was even harder then it should have been for lack of finding any sort of decent replacement. it kills me.

has anyone else been entirely frustrated and turned off by the new urban outfitters summer catalog? i mean, really….. when has “skimpy” been in? i’m afraid i’m going to have to boycott for a bit. since when has it been in to stop wearing your bra in order to wear the latest shirt? i don’t know a soul who looks good prancing around town in a sheer shirt designed to be worn without one. seriously. who dresses like that?

i’m already feeling the hot and humid summer heading my way…. so i’m just going to say it. it’s time for this:

  1. Sarah

    1. You are really cool.
    2. LOVE the hair cut. Do it now!
    3. I agree. Ladies always need a bra in public. What’s up with that?

  2. I’ve been so tempted to cut my hair short too. But I have such a round face that I don’t know if it will work for me…

  3. oh, and yes about urban. i’ve been frustrated with their women’s line for some time now.

  4. Nay Nay girl,
    I LOVE your long locks. I regret my cut numerous times each day. And since you’ve been growing it for sometime now I doubt it’s best to snip snip just yet. Promise. I hate you every time I see your sexy long hair in photos. (I’m not saying you couldn’t rock it though. I’ve known you with that hair already and it’s HOT)

  5. nikki

    You would look hot in that haircut. I say cut it… partially for selfish reasons because I want to live vicariously through you. I am not brave enough to cut my hair that short. I also like the dress she has on but I won’t be able to wear that this summer.

    Urban. I am not cool enough to shop there.

  6. becca

    I love the hair, Naomi. You could pull it off so well.