blah, blah, blah

i was tagged in early march by janalyn, and since i don’t have anything else to write about today, here’s my tag:

10 Years Ago…
i was 11. obsessed with ballet, the color pink, and more ballet.

5 things on my to do list…
if i write up a “to do” list, i’ll just stress myself out. but believe me, i’ve got plenty to do.

5 snacks I enjoy…
lately, i’ve been all about fruit. and maybe dipping it in nutella.
we’ve also been on a vitamin water kick at the davis home.

5 favorite things…
1. husband
2. pinkberry
3. pretty dresses
4. sabon’s dead sea salt scrub
5. secrets

5 places I have lived…
1. chicago, illinois
2. provo, utah
3. woodland hills, utah
4. london, uk
5. new york, new york

5 things most people don’t know about me…
1. i’ve never had a cavity.
2. i can’t sleep if i’m the only one home. i have to leave a light on and talk to someone on the phone until i’ve fallen asleep.
3. i like cuddling.
4. i love when people argue in french. it’s amazing.
5. i hate waiting for the train, boo.

  1. Sarah

    I love dipping fruit in Nutella too! Sooo good!

  2. …and she finally caves in! Don’t you love my constant nagging and the awful effects of peer pressure? Way to go. You’re much more interesting the rest of us.

  3. becky

    You used to live in London? I never knew! What for/when?