alice. (part II)

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after thursdays opening night show of senior dance production we (the senior class) put on a reception in the samuels studio. it was so fun. hard HARD work, but well worth the effort.

sumaya, elaine, my mom, and nigel

sarah, me, carolyn and amanda

my beautiful mom.

collin, brett and carolyn

brett and josh being stupid

it was great having my mom, josh’s mom elaine and aunt diane in town for the weekend.

brett. i am really going to miss this one….

thanks so much to everyone who came to the show!

and thanks to josh, who came to every show (there were 7), for loving my friends and being so great with them, for supporting my stressful self this past week and for loving me.

  1. Sarah

    Looks like a great party. You look really happy and beautiful too (not surprised…) and not to mention the tiniest waist line ever.. Did any of the rest of your family make it out for the show? Tell them hi for me.

  2. becca

    I love that anthro skirt. I want it. Great photos. You and your friends are beautiful.

  3. becca

    p.s. I hope Josh is not really drunk in that last photo…. I can’t tell whats in his cup! haha.

  4. he’s not drunk. just being himself, posing for the camera. looks like it though, huh.

  5. Ha, thanks for the clarification Naomi. I, too, want that anthropoligie skirt. No fair.