alice. (part II)

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after thursdays opening night show of senior dance production we (the senior class) put on a reception in the samuels studio. it was so fun. hard HARD work, but well worth the effort.

sumaya, elaine, my mom, and nigel

sarah, me, carolyn and amanda

my beautiful mom.

collin, brett and carolyn

brett and josh being stupid

it was great having my mom, josh’s mom elaine and aunt diane in town for the weekend....

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mad hatter, white rabbit, alice and caterpillar.the cast with carolyn, the creator of our wonderland. when i said “punk/ rock alice in wonderland“, i wasn’t kidding. get ready. show starts tonight. ... Read more

fashion frustration.

1.finally found the boots i’ve been searching for since sophomore winter. and…. just my luck, they are outrageously priced this high {$1079.00}. who pays that for a pair of old worn boots? parting with my old love was even harder then it should have been for lack of finding any sort of decent replacement. it kills me....

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…because i have absolutely NO free time today but i’m bad at time management… among other things. thanks janalyn for the 100 tag about us. but here is just 50…. 50 things about us….

1. We have the names of our future children picked out. 2. We both got our undergraduate degrees in New York City....

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