what was i thinking?

silly girl.

this afternoon, i boarded a flight at jfk and found myself in utah some 5 hours later. at the time of booking, it seemed like a good idea…. you know, spending time with the family, being lazy at home, seeing old friends, climbing behind the wheel of a car, maybe one or two einstein chocolate chip bagels… but it hasn’t even been 24 hours and i’m missing josh way more than i should. and honey, we’ve got 7 more days to go. goodness, i sure hope lengthy business trips aren’t in the cards for your future, husband, cause your wife is slightly panicking already.

  1. becca

    I wish I was still in Utah so I could see you!!! Have some yummy indian food and try on all your stylish clothes. Girl.

  2. Last year I went to Utah twice without my hubby. The second time, I secretly changed my airline ticket to come home early without telling my family the original departure date. I missed him tooo much.

  3. Rebecca

    Yeah, last week was the first time levi and I were apart. I went to DC. Big mistake. I kept saying, “I should be old enough to handle this.” No. We’re never doing it again. Good luck Naomi. Something about this too passing and someday we’ll laugh?

  4. Hey Naomi, I know what you mean. Whenever Dan travels I go crazy! I call him every hour because I am so bored in Denver all alone! Good luck this week!

    And what will you do if you’re still planing to tour for 12 weeks next year? Oh, haha.

  5. Oh darling! How are you holding up? I bet the family is keeping you busy! Just got back from Mexico. I have stories!

  6. Dan left today til the 12th. I thought of you as I sent him off to the airport. Be glad Josh doesn’t travel the way Dan does.

  7. jan, if you only knew how thankful this trip has made me that he doesn’t. feel free to call this weekend and we’ll both keep each other from going insane.

  8. jlc

    Wow… 5 more weeks until I see the hubby and I think that that's nothing!! It's funny when ppl think a week apart is a terribly long time apart.