this is embarrassing, but…

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…i don’t really care. i’m dedicating an entire post to food. because really, after husband and my family, {and maybe my old red cowboy boots,} it’s what i love most.
so, a few things…

my love made me this feast of a breakfast saturday morning. he takes such good care of me!

vanilla french toast and sausage. it was heavenly.


i finished my last box of girl scout cookies for the year.

i guess 4 boxes didn’t get me very far….

and last but not least…

…this is what happens when we’re still awake at one in the morning.

it’s sad, but true.
  1. Sarah

    Haha! Atleast you’re honest. My roommates and I ordered Girl Scout cookies too. Only 2 boxes, but when a my roommate got home from work Friday and asked where the Samoa’s went, we all got shifty eyes and pretended we were saving them for a snack during Sacrament Meeting Sunday the following Sunday.

  2. Levi

    Ever done Haagen-Dazs – Dulce de Leche? Once I start a little carton – I can’t stop.

  3. Aw, it’s little Old-Man Naomi! You look good with a mustache. I must say…

  4. nikki

    I’m kind of glad I didn’t have any girl scout cookies this year… the cookies seem to disappear a lot faster than I like to admit and I am usually the only one to blame.

  5. becca

    I get myself into tons of trouble when the girl scouts come around every year. Then suddenly for a few weeks after, the gym and I have lots of bonding time.

  6. nae nae

    let’s be honest, we MIGHT just be the same person. i may or may not have plowed thru 6 boxes of GS cookies in a week and a half. true story. i bought 4 pints of Haagen dazs ice cream (for MYSELF) in one night at food emporium cause they were on sale. and i’m JONESING for a good f toast/sausage bfast. i love YOUR blog. please comment away on mine. she was just born this week so we’re really just out of gestation ….it’ll get better… and tea? YES PLEASE! i have not a whole lot going on and since you re the student, you tell me when and where.

    xoxo, n*

  7. This is why I love my Nay Nay.

  8. P.S. Forgot to mention, got into grad school. I’m heading your way dearest. Do call and give me a fabulous congrats. Hearing something like that from you will surely make my day..

  9. malia

    Love it! Food is the best! :)

  10. Anonymous

    wow. can i come hang out with you at 1 AM?

    (p.s. how are you??? it’s been too long.)

    -jen harris