things i’m learning in utah

1. provo is not “cap sleeve capital” all year round. only 7 months out of the year. i was mistaken.

2. fasten your seat belt and say your prayers when 16 yr old rachel is driving.

3. being dragged along by mom to an enrichment dinner isn’t that bad.
note to self: always pretend to like baked potatoes.

4. don’t be rude when a stranger asks if you’re the twins “younger” sister. seriously.

5. running into everyone you’ve been trying to avoid is how it works in provo. saying “i was going to call you….” doesn’t work. neither does “since i’m only here for a few days, i’m trying to spend as much time with my family as possible”… people will still be drama queens about it.

6. don’t be jealous that your little sisters are more domestic than you. i too can make homemade clam chowder and homemade corn bread in less than an hour without once glancing at a recipe. really. i just don’t know it yet.

  1. becca

    You are just darling, Nay. I miss you and your lists.

  2. Anonymous

    hey naomi. i think i might start up one of these in the near future. we like what you did with yours. what’s your email address btw. i need to send some funny old photos your way.

    –landon brig

  3. landon! where have you been? yes yes, email me… or call for that matter, i believe you still have my number. how is your new darling wife? are you in california now? we must have a talk.

  4. malia

    awesome. love it. the things you learn when you go on vacation…

  5. Aaaaah I love the pics of your mom and dad! And I’m the most “undomestic” person you’ll ever meet. My husband does the dishes and I’m pretty sure I’ve made dinner less than 10 times since we’ve been married (in almost 3 years!). The only recipe I have memorized are for chocolate chip cookies–which I usually eat for dinner anyway :)

  6. E.F.G.

    giggle, giggle! cap sleeve capital…perfect description.

  7. Sarah

    Girl. Don’t mock my Provo! Too bad you know it! And you make great toast…don’t sell yourself short.