the dreamy giraffe.

carolyn introduced me to these prints and i am obsessed.
especially with the one below… probably because it sums up my life.

yep, never been a fan of any dance teacher (or person anywhere for that matter) telling someone “you can’t.” it doesn’t sit well with me.

  1. Girl, you show ’em! Not that you had anything to prove in the first place but look at you. And then look at Mrs. Colledge. Where did she dance again? Does anyone even knw who she is? That is what I was thinking.And I’ve seen these prints before. Really nice. I love etsy.

  2. Steph

    Can I just say Amen to the above comment!

  3. Rebecca

    So it makes me feel bad. I hope I wouldn’t ever tell someone else they can’t do something, but I think it a lot. Like my seventh graders who were all going to be professional baseball players. Call it the school of “face reality” or something terrible like that. I’d really like to see this whole thing differently, so thanks for reminder that we have no idea what people are.