the burger joint.

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after a big day of dancing, cleaning the apartment and shopping yesterday, josh and i found ourselves on the corner of a street near rockefeller center trying our very hardest to decide where to go eat dinner. this is a big deal. we have so many favorite places to eat in new york and don’t mind trying new things but it usually takes us a good hour to finalize our destination. so somehow, in the midst of the cold, the awful wind and both of our growling stomachs, the olive garden was decided upon. (crazy, right?) we hid our faces in shame of heading to times square to eat dinner and walked inside. there was an hour wait. and since we’re not very patient people, we found ourselves once again back in the cold, on a corner, discussing our options (only this time, surrounded by silly tourists who don’t know how to walk straight).

after attempting a few more place in times square we jumped in a cab and headed someplace we knew we could count on. never disappointing. always so fun. the burger joint.

and how can you resist taking photos with your love everywhere you go every 5 minutes? i mean, really. where is the fun?

  1. nikki

    Cam and I also love the burger joint. It’s a favorite and reliable. I’m hungry.

  2. Sometimes I really crave Olive Garden’s soup, but alas, I am too ashamed to admit it.

    But I will admit we have been there twice since we’ve lived here…both in the early months when I think we needed a little bit of “home.”

  3. I love the olive garden. I dont care what anyone says. But I have heard good things about that burger place, if we’re ever in new york, we’ll make it a date!

  4. We took my mom to the Burger Joint a few weeks ago. Very fun and great food. Morgan loved the fries but I do not reccomend going there with a child to anyone who was contemplating that. Sadly we forgot the camera. Great pics.

  5. I have heard about this place. But I thought you were a huge fan of the soup and salad at the Olive Garden?? Changed your mind?

  6. i am a huge fan of the soup and salad and breadsticks. especially the unlimited lunch special. it’s more or less the times square issue. all the restaurants in the area are always overpriced and full of tourists who dont know any better about the “good” places to eat in nyc. but courtney my love, i’ll always love the soup and salad. don’t you worry.