such a treat

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i’m trying to keep myself as busy as possible this week so i won’t miss josh anymore than i already am. so in my spare time at home, i’ve been busily looking through old photo albums of my lovely parents and scanning old photos before they suffer anymore ware.

my dad is on the far right in the yellow. totally looking like isaac.

my darling mom. so cute.
my dad served his mission in madrid, spain.

and my mom served in bangkok, thailand shortly after she joined the church.

here’s my dad on the railroad in chicago. love these.

my parents at their wedding. here, with my mom’s parents, grandma and grandpa barica.

and with my dad’s, grandpa and grandma reid.

i don’t know how it’s happened but as of lately, i’ve been so curious of my parents lives and love hearing every detail. i’m learning they’ve never been boring people. looking through these albums have been such a treat.

p.s. it’s also crazy to see just how much i resemble my father. there are no noticeable differences in our baby photos besides me wearing a dress.

  1. You DO look like your dad! Oh my! But you also look like your mother. These photos are great. I need to do this too before they get lost in my parents storage! Good for you.

  2. The railroad photos are AWESOME. So are the wedding shots. Okay, ALL of them. I love how your mom knows exactly how to strike the money pose in the water. AWESOME. Basically, I love this post. Man, I should get on this.

  3. Great pictures and stories and great idea to scan in old pictures. I’ll have to try that one my next trip home!