spending time with my reids.

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it feels great being home. my family is crazy. it’s nice to fit right in.

typical. so typical.
(movie: loading up on treats before heading to the movies.)
my lovlies.
(movie: another classic reid moment.)
beautiful mama.

hungry boy.stuffed boy.gorgeous rachel.this photo perfectly describes my family. perfect, bekah.

(movie: a little really bad pussycat dolls music.)

we love the happy sumo at riverwoods. so good.

and so great being home and spending time with my beautiful family. but josh, i miss you wayyy too much. can’t wait to see you.


  1. becca

    stuffed boy is so funny.
    i love happy sumo too. i am the only one who thinks it’s dark though in there? :|

  2. Sarah

    Your family is beautiful. And wow! Can little Isaac jam on that piano! When I have kids someday, I want them to be like the Reid kids!

  3. Are the boo boo’s brunettes??? When did this happen??? I like.

  4. What a talented and beautiful family!

  5. yep, court.. brunettes. i didn’t even recognize them…. total suprise!

  6. Rebecca

    I know this is the wrong comment to leave on your blog–especially on this post. My comment should be about your beautiful and talented family. But I looked through the post and just kept thinking to myself: but she makes her bangs look so great. Naomi, you were my inspiration this week. I cut bangs. How come I don’t look anywhere close to as cute as you do?

  7. rebecca, cannot wait to see your bangs. and enough already, i bet their fabulous.